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New to Dayton and Looking For Players!

I’m new in town and am starting a gaming group. The focus will be tabletop RPGs and board games (and beer and soda). To start, I’m itching to give D&D fifth edition a try. But hopefully we’ll try lots of games over time!

About me: I’m late 20s with a family and live in Centerville. I’ve played and DM’d 3.5E, PF and Numenera. I prefer a healthy balance of role-playing and combat, with emphasis on story. I detest turns that take longer than a minute, and enjoy a healthy dose of goofy accents. I’m interested in D&D, PF, Dungeon World, Call of Cthulhu, PC games, etc.

Check out the social contract I whipped up. Gaming groups are a fragile thing and I want to hit the ground running, so if this all sounds good, email me! newdaytongamer@gmail.com
Group Ideals

  • A party of adventurers. Gaming is a group social activity and can require compromise. Everyone’s fun is equally important.
  • Gamers are responsible for their own fun. Active participation in developing a story is encouraged! Expecting to be spoonfed content is not. The DM is not responsible for ensuring that players always have something to do – that’s the players’ job. (article)
  • Ruling, not rules. The rules serve the fun (and the DM). Rules lawyering should be kept to a minimum. If something is ambiguous, err in the players’ favor.
  • Keep it (relatively) family-friendly. This pertains to scheduling too.
  • Everyone must be  >= 21 and practice good hygiene.
  • Tolerate and respect differences of opinion. (Game systems, religion, etc.)
  • The Five Geek Social Fallacies are your friend.
  • If someone isn’t meshing well, can’t attend regularly or has hygiene issues, they probably won’t be invited back. This doesn’t mean we can’t be friends, but that’s life.

(P.S. If you can DM or are interested in trying, you’ll be moved to the top of the list)
Interested? Email me at newdaytongamer@gmail.com or message me here.

Home Page

Looking for Players: D&D 5E, other RPGs and board-games Clanan Clanan